We classify the handling process into 5 steps. The whole process takes approximately 50-60 days as specified below:


Our experienced staff will acquire prospective candidates through the media of:

  • Sourcing
  • Screening / Evaluation
  • Short-listing
  • Interview Process
  • Documentation and Departure
  • Most of the candidates are working in reputable companies and we will ensure you that the candidates selected at least meet your minimum requirements.

    Screening / Evaluation

    By using the employer’s criteria, all the applications we have are screened to ensure that the qualifications are met so we can provide the employer with a list of candidates that meet the qualifications to perform the job successfully.


    A list of preferable candidates selected by the employer for further consideration will be contacted and arranged by Megarainfield for interview sessions by the employer.

    Interview Process

    Megarainfield will participate in organizing interview phases, from planning to determining the best venue to conduct recruitment interviews after the short-listed candidates are contacted.

    Documentation and Departure

    On behalf of the employer, Megarainfield will take all the necessary process to accelerate the candidate departure:

  • Attestation of Candidates’ Certificates
  • Medical checkup
  • Coordinating visa release from respective embassy
  • Coordinating with the National Board for the Placement and Protection of Indonesian Overseas Workers
  • Air ticket reservation and assisting candidates in the airport during the departure process.